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Detox Your Way To Better Health

Vitalizer Pro II Foot Bath 

Ionic Footbath.png

Footbath technology is a remarkably safe and easy way to stimulate the process of cellular detoxification by activating the biological process of ionization. The renewed sense one gets from standing near a waterfall, or enjoying the environment after a rainstorm, is the same sense of feeling cleansed and  refreshed through ionization. Put simply, this process stimulates cellular functions necessary to transport nutrients across cellular membranes and aid in the elimination of toxins. Although this is a naturally-occurring process, our modern environment impedes the easeful elimination of cellular debris by providing constant toxic load through electromagnetic frequencies, additive-laden food, environmental heavy metals, etc. Even municipal water supplies and pharmaceutical drugs can further burden an already toxic load, challenging the physical system to contend with constant introduced stressors, and making the elimination of held toxic burdens a last priority to maintaining equilibrium and radiant health.

Without the continual elimination of stressors to the liver, kidneys, colon, lungs, skin, and whole lymphatic system, total health cannot be achieved. By using the application of osmosis (fluids passing through cell membranes from a less dense solution to a higher-density solution), foot bath technology invites the release of stored toxic material through the dermis of the feet.

Relax, Detox and Enjoy!!


           Cost: $45.00

                  Allow 45-60 minutes per session

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